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The Importance of a Fall Arrest System

Fall arrest systems are an essential part of personal protective equipment for working at height. These safety devices are designed to prevent a worker from falling to a lower level or falling in an elevated position. The working height is the distance between the walking surface and the lower level. Personal fall arrest systems are composed of two main types: retractable lifelines and full-body harnesses. Full-body harnesses are designed to distribute forces throughout a worker's entire body. Shock-absorbing lanyards are designed to reduce total fall arresting forces. When it come to warehouse safety, read here to the end.

Fall arrest indicators are built into many fall protection systems. These often have bright red linings. Those wearing protective fall gear should remove their gear if it is damaged in any way. While manufacturers may recommend when the gear should be discarded, industry best practice calls for removing the gear, marking it as unusable, and cutting it up and destroying it. The use of fall protection gear has a variety of benefits and can be a valuable investment for the workplace.

The proper maintenance of fall protection equipment is essential to prevent injuries. In addition to inspecting their fall arrest equipment, companies should store them in a dark and cool environment. They should be protected from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or ultraviolet exposure. To ensure that your fall arrest system stays in good condition, make sure it is cleaned regularly. Oils, dirt, and moisture will shorten the life of the equipment. If you have any questions about maintenance, contact the manufacturer.

A company should also designate a "Competent Person" to oversee the proper use of fall arrest equipment. This person should be properly trained and certified by the company and should have the authority to remove fall protection equipment from service if necessary. The Competent Person should be able to make this decision without any outside interference. When it comes to determining when to take a worker off a device, the person should be trained to do so.

There are many types of fall protection equipment. Personal fall arrest equipment is the most important type for work environments. This type of equipment must be properly fitted and properly used by workers. The individual should be properly trained to use the protective equipment. The equipment must be tested at least once a year. In some cases, this is a periodic test. Some personal fall arrest systems are adapted to a specific work environment. This will help protect the worker and the company from falls. A wall mounted safety gate will give your employees protection.

OSHA requires workers to use fall protection equipment to prevent accidents. The OSHA standard mandates that a worker wear fall arrest equipment at all times. This is particularly important for construction workers because they are required to wear it at all times when they are over four feet above the floor. Likewise, they must wear a protective harness or lanyard when working at height. They should also wear safety harnesses to prevent slips and trips.

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